Unorthodox has never looked so beautiful

“You will come upon people who are a wolf in sheeps clothing and you will meet people who are sheep in wolves clothing. 
My darling what’s so beautiful about you, is that you bare your heart on your sleeve and you wear your mind like a crown. 
You are neither a sheep nor a wolf, you are a brutally soft woman with the courage of a lioness. 
In a world full of the unadorned, you have always been deeply unparalleled.”

“I will teach my future daughter that her body is a white rose.
 No matter how many muddied hands may touch her, her petals will remain of ivory and purity.
 Though she is a flower, she is anything but delicate.
 She may be plucked for her beauty but she will survive for her strength.
 I will teach her that she is a woman made of thunder,
 there will be people who will set out to silence her booming existence.
 I will tell her “do not let them dull the whirlwind that you are, 
let them fuel the hurricane that you will grow to be. 
You are a mighty tree, though they may cut you down, your roots run far too deep.
 Your mighty body is a fortress of sovereignty, unconquerable by any man. 
May you speak with a voice coated with power and dipped in strength.
 May you never be silenced by smalls minds,
 rather encouraged by big hearts. 
You are a star and though they may tell you that you are a dime a dozen, may you explain that if it weren’t for the sparkle of the stars, the night would simply be a black cloud of lonely.””

“She looked at me with eyes of honey and curiosity
 and asked me why God had made her so deeply peculiar in a world full of conformity.
 I simply laughed and explained to her that she was strong black coffee, in a world full of people who loved sweet tea.
 She was brown mud in a world that romanticized flowers.
 She was rain in a world that craved sunshine.
 She was black and white in a world that envied color.
 She was forgiveness in a world that sought revenge.
She was loud in a world that wanted silence.
 I’d explained to her that I’d always envied her for being a wolf in a world full of sheep.
 I’d explain that there was no pride in normalcy.
 In the end, she is a leader in the pack, the rest of us are simply existing in a herd.”

Girl Almighty 

“My mother always told me, 
that women were created to part seas,
 to break ground and
 to put the sparkling night sky to shame. 
Don’t you ever allow yourself to belong to another person.
 Don’t you ever quit being the sun for fear of shining too bright
 and don’t you ever reduce your galaxy to merely a constellation. 
My darling, be far too busy being a force of nature,
 a child of the universe and a storm of a girl. 
Women like you were meant to conquer mountains, not to be pretty.”


“You can be both the poet and the poem too, 
the artist and the canvas.
 Build yourself,
rewrite yourself,
 make typos, erase them,
 crash and burn,
 grow and prosper,
 paint yourself from the ground up.
 The Mona Lisa was once a blank canvas too,
 so watch them stare at the masterpiece that you become.”IMG_0006

To My Future Daughter 

Some days you will wake up, a defeated wildflower 
and some days you will wake up, with poetry on your tongue and galaxies in your mind. 
You are equally phenomenal,
with a deeply broken soul
 and a mind that could move mountains. IMG_0005

“Be too busy being the sun,
to notice the darkness around you.
The sun does not focus on dead flowers,
it sees only the flowers it has helped bloom.”IMG_0004.JPG